Registration / Getting Started

Hello and welcome to Incentaprize!

Summary of how this works:

1. You register with Incentaprize and complete your offer requirements.
2. Refer others by posting ads and taking inbound calls. No selling required. Only help people who are ready to get started.

3. When your referral completes an offer, the advertiser pays the network and the network pays you. Most of the ground work is done for you. All you have to do is post ads and answer calls. If you do not want to post ads, just make sure you earn with the company and the company will pay for your ads and you just concentrate on answering the phones in a customer service capacity.

Average earnings for part timers and new agents – $300 to $600 weekly

Average earnings for full time agents – over $800 weekly

While this is a work from home position, you can do this in your spare time or even replace your full time job. It’s your choice!

To get started, click the link below and follow the registration instructions.

Use the offer or any other free to low cost offer of your choice for training and to meet your requirements.

Follow up instructions will be sent to you once you are registered. Orientation and more training will follow.

Monday Night National Orientation Calls:

Starts at 6PM California Time / 7PM Denver Time / 8PM Texas Time / 9PM New York Time
Call in number: 857.232.0159

Access code: 180914#

Make sure you get to the call 5 minutes before it starts.

Congratulations once again and welcome to the network.

Have questions? Call 1-877-884-6540.

Part-time & Full-time