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Sales Agent Job Qualities

Sales Agents occupy positions in various industries. Though success rests on one individual’s effort, many share common characteristics such as confidence, interpersonal skills, motivation and discipline.

In sales, “no” is as common as the air you breathe. Therefore, customer attitudes, comments and cynicism are part of the job. Despite the number of no’s received, you must continue building the value and benefits of the product or service by exuding confidence and command of the discussion. Be assertive. Be confident.

In 2013, relationship selling emerged with the goal of converting single purchase customers into long-term clients. To do so, relational agents became ideal candidates because they Showcase interpersonal skills such as active listening, question and answer communication and the ability to rebuttal customer concerns. Interpersonal skills turn pitching a product or service into filling a customers needs and wants with their best interest in mind.

Sales agents spend nearly their entire day alone. They cold call and set up meetings with prospective clients. They invest time in activities with the hope of converting leads into sales. Sales is not a team job, thus if you aspire for monetary success, you must rely on your skill and ability to motivate yourself. Your manager won’t hover over your work but assume you’re working hard because compensation is tied to the level of effort you put into the job.

Discipline is the glue holding the aforementioned characteristics together. You must manage time and invest in clients and activities with the greatest reward. You must adhere to company policy and procedures, ensuring paperwork is completed accurately. Discipline is needed to update customer contact information to stay abreast of their needs and wants. Last, discipline creates repetition which leads to good habits. In the end, time is money.